XCOM Enemy Unknown Android APK+DATA Download Free

By | April 25, 2014
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XCOM Enemy Unknown Android APK

XCOM Enemy Unknown Android APK+DATA Download Free

PC and console game winning this year’s award comes to Android devices !

Threatened by an unknown enemy , the Earth and governments unite to form an elite paramilitary organization , known as XCOM. As the commander of XCOM, you must create a fully operational , and research alien technologies , planning combat missions , and lead your soldiers in fierce battles against the terrifying alien invasion . The decisions you make affect the fate of humanity. You are our last hope .

Key Features:-
– Recruit soldiers and at a higher level
– The discovery of weapons and new technology
– Play missions randomly
– Participation in the fighting Strategic
– Touch controls designed to promote the use of Mobile

Note : XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a game graphically rich with advanced features . To improve your gaming experience , you may want to turn off other applications before playing .

Requires Android : 2.3 and higher
Version: 1.0.0

Screen Shots:-

Download XCOM Enemy Unknown Android APK XCOM Enemy Unknown Android Game XCOM Enemy Unknown APK Download Free XCOM Enemy Unknown Free Apk Game

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