Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise x64 Download Full Activation Free

By | October 3, 2013
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Microsoft Windows 8 Enterprise x64 Download Full Activation Free

Release name : Microsoft.Windows.8.Enterprise.x64.Full.Activation – iNDiSO [ godfather ]
Filename: Win_Ent_8_64BIT_English.ISO
Size : 3.04 GB
Recovery Record : 3%

Description :

Windows 8 features of Enterprise includes all the capabilities that customers get with Windows 8 Pro * more premium features designed to provide mobile productivity needs , security , manageability and virtualization of today’s businesses . Some of the key features available exclusively for Windows 8 Enterprise customers are:

• Windows To Go
This fully manageable corporate desktop Windows 8 on a USB external boot , enables IT organizations to support the ” Bring Your Own PC” trend and businesses can give staff access quotas for the corporate environment without compromising safety.

System Requirements :

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz ) or faster with support for PAE , NX and SSE2
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB ) ( 32 – bit) or 2 GB ( 64 – bit)
Hard disk space : 16 GB ( 32 -bit ) or 20 GB ( 64 -bit )
Graphics: Microsoft DirectX 9 device with WDDM graphics driver

= Installation Instructions =

1. Burn the ISO using Daemon Tools or Magic ISO or Power or Nero on disc, or extract files from an external hard drive .

Two . Insert the DVD disc or plug the external drive into your pc.

Then follow the steps below to complete ..


Plan === clean installation of Windows 8

Backing up your important data
Unplug unnecessary hardware
Start Clean Install Windows 8

Boot from the installation media of Windows 8

To start the setup process cleans Windows 8 will have to boot from any source installation that is being used : either a DVD or a flash drive.

Actually , there are three basic steps here:

1. Insert the Windows 8 DVD into the optical drive , or connect to a free USB flash drive with the installation files of Windows 8 on it , then turn on or restart the computer .

2. Note to Press any key to boot from CD or DVD … message (shown above ) if you are booting from a disk, or press a key to boot from the external device … message if you are booting from a flash drive or other USB device .

3. Press a key to force the computer to boot from the DVD of Windows 8 or flash drive with the installation files of Windows 8 in it.

What to do if your Windows 8 installation media does not work for you

Considering the fact that Windows 8 can be purchased online and downloaded ISO file format and a lot of teams , especially tablets and other smaller teams do not have optical drives , it is possible that you could find installation files of Windows 8 in some form , or in some media, that ‘s just not going to work for your team .

Below are some of the solutions based on common situations that people are in the preparation of clean installation of Windows 8 :

Problem: You have a DVD of Windows 8, but it has to be able to install Windows 8 from a USB device . This is probably the most common problem I hear .

Solution: Look for a flash drive at least 4 GB of size and you can delete all data . Then , see How to Install Windows 8 from USB help create a DVD disc image of Windows 8, and then get the image copied correctly in a USB flash drive .

Problem: You have downloaded an ISO file of Windows 8 and the need to install Windows 8 from a DVD .

Solution: Burn the ISO file to a DVD (or BD ) . This is not the same as simply burn the ISO file itself to disk as you would a music or video file . See How to burn an ISO image to CD / DVD / BD for help.

Problem: You have downloaded an ISO file of Windows 8 and the need to install Windows 8 from a USB device .

Solution : Look for a flash drive total capacity of at least 4 GB that can delete the entire contents . Then, go to How to Install Windows 8 from USB support for the ISO file to a flash drive properly.

Once you have Windows 8 in the middle of installation you want , come back here and follow the instructions above to boot from the disk or flash drive. You can then proceed with the rest of the 8 process clean installation of Windows .

Wait ==== installation files to load Windows 8

You will know the process of installing Windows 8 is starting correctly if you see the Welcome screen of Windows 8, as shown above .

Select your language, time and Other Preferences


Select the language to install, the time and currency format , and Keyboard or input method you prefer to use in Windows 8 and Windows 8 throughout the facility clean .

After selecting the options , click or tap Next.

Click Install now


Click or tap the Install Now button in the center of the screen , just below the Windows 8 logo .

Wait == Windows 8 Setting to start


The installation process for Windows 8 is starting .

There is nothing to do here but wait. You may see this screen for several seconds, but not much longer than that.

=== Accept the software license Windows 8


Read the agreement , select the I accept the license terms box and click or tap Next.

Select ==== custom installation method


What kind of installation do you want ? . You have two options : Upgrade and Custom.

Click on , or touch, Custom: Install Windows only ( advanced).

Show all 8 ======= Advanced Windows unit


Windows 8 setup considers partition management advanced task so before we can remove the partitions , have to touch or click Drive options ( advanced ) .

Delete the partition ===== plan to install Windows 8 on


Select the partition you want to delete and click or tap Delete.

Confirm ====== partition elimination

windows-8-clean-install-12 (1)

To be completely clear: This is the point of no return? I do not mean to scare you, especially since this is a necessary step to do a clean install of Windows 8. I just want you to have full knowledge of what is about to do. If you know that there is nothing in the primary that still need to backup, then you should feel completely comfortable to carry .

Click or tap the OK button to delete the selected partition.

Remove Other partitions used by the previous operating system


To do this , repeat the same process followed to remove the primary partition on the last steps :

Select the partition you want to delete, and then tap or click Delete.

= Confirm Other partition deletions


Like him back a few steps , Windows 8 installation will ask you to confirm the deletion of the other partition.

Click or tap OK to confirm.

Select ==== physical location to install Windows 8


Select the appropriate unallocated space to install Windows 8 then click or tap Next.

====== Please wait while Windows 8 is installed


Windows 8 installation program will start installing Windows 8 on the partition you created in the free space that you selected in the previous step. All you have to do here is wait.

Restart the computer =======


As most of the installation process of Windows 8 is finished, the computer automatically restarts .

If you happen to catch this screen , which is only there for ten seconds , you can click or tap Restart Now to manually force restart.

Wait ==== Configuring Windows 8 start again


Now that your computer has restarted , Windows 8 can continue with the installation .
You can sit on this screen for several minutes before you see Getting ready devices , which I mean in the next step .

Wait ==== Windows 8 System configuration Hardware


As you’re waiting for the Windows 8 clean install to finish , you will notice an indicator Get available devices that works its way up to 100% in several starts.

After you finish installing Windows 8 hardware installation , a message is ready to get to the bottom of the screen.

During this short period , Windows 8 Setup is finishing the last tasks , such as completion of registration and other settings.


Installation Notes : –

1] Click Install Activator …


2] It will extract the Windows folder , once after extraction begins.
3] The default language is Korean , you must click the button to change the English language .
4] Now click on Windows 8 + Server 2012


5] Click Install Now Pirate activation .


6] will now install the activator in the system, your PC will be disconnected. After the session has been closed , you have to go back to see the activation is complete.
7] Once the watermark is missing , click Computer Properties , if you see Windows is activated.
8] Voila is over …

Enjoy this version of Godfather !

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