Grand Theft Auto: iFruit v1.1.24.1 APK Download Free

By | December 6, 2013
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Grand Theft Auto: iFruit v1.1.24.1 APK Download Free

How to survive without applications ? They turn your mobile device into an essential tool , like a bagpipe , a mirror ball or mustache disguise. Somewhere , there is a device with the perfect touch to fix all that is wrong in the screen of your life , and probably all what is lacking is the application iFruit. Or not. At least you will have something to do while your partner is chattering about their day .
IFruit and connects directly with your experience in the Grand Theft Auto V, with some recreational activities to further delay their need to interact socially . Stay up to date with news from the Grand Theft Auto V, Enter Rockstar Games Social Club , in Lifeinvader and run other applications Rockstar Games .
Los Santos Customs
Application of customs Los Santos offers players the freedom to create your dream car in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere . Be on the bar , on the beach , in the private sector . We are quite confident that this is the future. You can even create reserves and custom cars for Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft plates of cars on the Internet. Buy plates of your personal before that runs out!
You can also choose paintings and films and the color of the smoke and the wheels and hoods and spoilers. Improve your engine and brakes, and exhaust , and suspension and put new lights , horn, tires and shielding. For where you are , get in your garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V. Or ask while playing and to receive a call from your mechanic to check it out . Everyone something changed in Los Santos , then do not let them see that your car is an exception to this rule .

Will take good care of chop reflect on their behavior in the Grand Theft Auto V in several ways :

  • It will be more useful , and I will respond best for Franklin .
  • And will perform tricks such as sit , give paw and ask if trained by the application.
  • And you will find hidden items closer if a player take a walk .
  • New Collars can be obtained in exchange for credits for tours and proper care .

Updated: October 30, 2013
Size : 241M
Current Version :
Requires Android : 4.0 and above
Price: Free


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