Android Reverse Tethering Share Your Internet With Your Phone

By | December 23, 2013
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Android Reverse Tethering Share Your Internet With Your Phone

Connectivity is one of the best feature that is available in mobile devices . This allows you to connect your laptop or computer with internet connection with the help of GPRS mobile / edge. A few years back , was regarded as one link of the problem, but with the passage of time, now everyone is doing a link on their mobile phones . We are now having a data communications at very high speeds on our mobile devices and allows access to the laptop to the Internet with just a simple program . But there are times when we need to reverse the rope , use the Internet PC / laptop to mobile devices , and this process is known as the reverse link . Most personal computers did not exist Wi-Fi card , and we have to use gold Old cable USB.

Unlike link on your mobile phone Unlike connectivity Compatible with Windows and roots. Can also be connected to a Linux / Mac OSX for the reverse link , but you have to enter the command station guide to all of the Android and PC eachtime when you want to connect.

Installation Guide for reverse link :

  • Will the package that has been downloaded from this site include one file and Windows , as well as the Asian Development Bank and the Android APK file.
  • Before starting the installation , you must install the device drivers , check the devices available on the Universal Naked driver.
  • You must have debugging enabled on your phone Settings > Applications > Development > USB debug > Turn on
  • Root access is required and must be installed Ripper . Settings must be Ripper > Preferences menu > Report section – Uncheck ” do not show notification when the application is granted controls Sue “

With these simple steps you will be able to install and start the bonding process . For further instructions and full statistics you can visit the XDA thread.

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