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Easy Voice Recorder Pro Apk Download Free [UPDATED]

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Easy Voice Recorder Pro

Easy Voice Recorder Pro Apk Download Free [UPDATED]

Easy Voice Recorder Pro is a simple, fun and easy to use audio and voice recorder. It is used to record meetings, lectures and personal notes, no time limits or ads!

Main Feature:-

-quality PCM and AAC, AMR or use to save space.
Share and manage your recordings with ease, and backup your PC.
Registration in the background and control recorder with a home screen widget.
You can also use powerful audio filters Jelly Bean on compatible devices, rename and delete your recordings, save them as a ringtone, integrated with Tasker and Local, and more.

Features Pro
These are just some of the additional features available on supported devices:

Record in stereo.
Recording a Bluetooth microphone.
Volume increases with increasing input microphone software.
Jump quiet parts.
Manage and organize your recordings with folders and save recordings on the SD card.
Switch to the camcorder microphone for stronger and clearer recordings.
Control of the recorder from anywhere using the status bar. Recordings can also be attached to the status bar.
With many more improvements and additions, and more to come in the future.

What’s new
– Set the voice memo recorder, meetings or music recordings with optimized settings.
– “Set as Ringtone” is now compatible with notifications and alarms.
– The Pro version: Bluetooth is now selectable from Settings> Settings> Microphone, for devices that support it.
– Android 4.3 + Pause / resume and MP4 AAC filters.
– Many other bug fixes and improvements.

How to install?

Download Apk (link below).
On your Android device, go to Settings> Security> allow unknown sources.
APK is downloaded to your phone and installs it.
All ready. Enjoy!

Screen Shots:-


Download Links

Easy Voice Recorder Pro  | Mirror 1  | Mirror 2  | Mirror 3  (Latest)

Easy Voice Recorder Pro  | Mirrors (Version 1.9)

Hill Climb Racing v1.26.0 Mod APK Free Download [Latest]

Hill Climb Racing v1.26.0

Hill Climb Racing v1.26.0 Mod APK Free Download [Latest]

Meet Newton Bill, the young aspiring uphill racer. He is about to embark on a journey that takes him to where no ride has ever been. With little respect for the laws of physics, Newton Bill will not rest until you have conquered the highest hills up on the moon! Facing the challenges of unique environments to climb the hill with many different cars. Earn bonuses daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even greater distances. Be careful though – the thick neck Bill is not what it used to be when he was a child! And his good old gasoline crematorium easily run out of fuel.

Feature List

Lots of different vehicles with unique enhancements (many different vehicles: bike, truck, jeep, tank, etc.)
Upgradeable parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
Numerous stages with levels to reach in each (Field, Desert, Arctic and Moon! +++)
Share your score with a screenshot with your friends!
Graphics and smooth physics simulation
Designed to look good in low resolution and high resolution devices (incl. Tablets)
Real turbo sound when you upgrade your engine!

Mod Features

Almost unlimited coins

How to install .apk?

Download Apk file from the link below.
Transfer to your mobile.
Install Apk
Hill Climb Racing have the money without limits!

Screen Shots:-

2015-03-27_9-57-31 2015-03-27_9-57-45


Hill Climb Racing v1.26.0 Mod APK / Link 2

Rune Icon Pack 2.3 Cracked APK Download Free [Latest]

Rune Icon Pack 2.3

Rune Icon Pack 2.3 Cracked APK Download Free [Latest]

Unicon and Fine Styler With applications should work with pitchers values and CM theme engine with this application. Weekly updates for starters, then biweekly / monthly updates after.

What’s new
90+ new icons
Many bug activity and updates / redesign for various applications.
Please take a moment to rate / review and check out my other work. It is greatly appreciated 🙂
Icon Pack Features
1850+ meticulously crafted icons on a canvas 192x192px
Each icon is made of sharp original vectors, allowing you to scale these icons 130% totally go crazy !!
20 wallpapers designed by myself and photos courtesy of Ruben Flores and Juan Pacheco
Wallpapers stored in the cloud for less storage space and instant updates for me.
Mask icon icon including 12 randomized supports to help match the icons unthemed
Live Support Day Calendar (currently available with Nova Launcher)
Quickly apply their icons through an independent, Material Application Design dashboard
Application Icon tool to skin your icons missing
Categorized previous section view of the application so you can see newly added games, google, system icons, and more.

Numerous alt and additional icons for truly unique configuration:-
Compatible launchers
Action Launcher Pro
Action Launcher 3
CM Thematic
Go (turn off “mask icon” Preferences)
Kit Kat
LG Home
New star

Screen Shots:-

 f2 e4

Download Link

Rune Icon Pack V2.3 Apk (15.2 MB) | Mirror

MyBackup Pro v4.4.4 APK Download Free [LATEST]

MyBackup Pro v4.4.4

MyBackup Pro v4.4.4 APK Download Free [LATEST]

MyBackup Pro is the easiest, most reliable, and feature packed Android backup solution available. Supporting the most content, and the most Android devices.

Find out why over 5 million people have chosen MyBackup as their secure source for a Backup Solution.

– Backup and Restore using your local device or SD card.
– Backup and Restore using an On The Go (OTG) USB card.
– Cloud backup to our online secure servers, or use your Dropbox account.
– Cloud backup to your personal Google Drive Cloud account.
– Migrate information directly between 2 devices.
– Backup directly to your computer over the Internet!.
– Schedule multiple different backups to multiple locations.
– Restore to an existing or new Android device.
– View the backup in detail without having to restore.
– All Android 1.6+ devices supported!.
– Available in 16 languages.
– Super easy backup with advanced features and settings.
– BETA: Trigger a backup to begin on your device remotely from our website.

 Screen Shots:-

396559-mybackuppro unnamed-41 unnamed-32 unnamed-23 unnamed68 unnamed-16


MyBackup Pro v4.4.4 APK (5.5 mb) | Mirror

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.0 [MOD] APK Download Free

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.0 [MOD] APK Download Free

The few Alien Spaceships have crept into earth’s orbit with no warning. The loss of global satellite communications puts the world in danger. Survivors must fight using guerrilla tactics…

Take control of your car and blast your way through the city to reach an alien’s base!
Defeat invaders and terrifying Bosses to get access to powerful weapons, cars and power-ups!


– Smash everything in this crazy, chaotic, simple but challenging, and fun game!
– Unlock special weapons, air strikes and other stuff, to help you on your unpredictable journey.
– Customize your character and unlock cars as you progress
– Compare scores and achievements with your friends
– Get ready for great adventure with this instantly playable and simple to control game

Remember: It’s up to you to save your town.

Screen Shots:-

maxresdefault5 qrqrqr unnamed-18 unnamed78

Download Link

Aliens Drive Me Crazy [ MOD ] / Mirror [ 50 MB ]

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 MOD APK Download Free [Latest]

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 MOD APK Download Free [Latest]

RSC 2 is here. The next generation sequel to the record CSR Racing has finally arrived and will leave the mind.Setting a new standard in visual effects, CSR 2 breaks the current console generation by drag racing hyper delivery to your iPhone and iPad. Beat live players around the world and build your dream of the beautiful luxury car garage, including Ferrari, McLaren P1 ™, Audi R8 V10 plus Coupe Koenigsegg One: 1 and many more.Team with friends to form a team, tune your ride to maximize its potential and place bets to humiliate opponents in real time. RSC 2 is completely new – get the races now.


RSC 2 will redefine what you thought possible on mobile. Running at full 2K resolution and rendering techniques using bleeding-edge CSR 2 features the most beautiful and authentic to date supercars. And now, you can get in every car to reveal his meticulously detailed, including interior. finishing options from the original manufacturers. It can not be realer than this.

RSC 2 lets you race against real players from around the world, in real time. Choose worthy opponents from the lobby or accept challenges live – and raise the stakes by placing bets. Team up with friends to form a team, and together fight for rows in the table sorting and super-exclusive vehicles.

Collect beautiful supercars and show them off in your garage huge store – CSR 2 features over 50 officially licensed vehicles manufacturers world’s most desirable cars like Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani, and Koenigsegg.

Play with your friends – and make new friends
RSC 2 is built around a live online community of players, offering synchronous multiplayer racing, live chat, online multiplayer crews, fresh and exciting events and leaderboards online competition. Team with your friends or meet new people from around the world who share a passion for cars.

UPDATE, adjust and FUSE
Update your car is just the beginning. Now you can get under the hood of tune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous times and more. And when things get really competitive, make sure you pull surplus car parts and merge them into its prime vehicles.

Configure and Customize
Select your paints, tires, brake calipers and interior trim as you would in the real world with the configurator world’s most advanced car. Choose between coats of paint and personalized number plates to customize your ride. But remember: money can not buy taste!

Info MOD

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Fuel
Unlimited Elite Cars

How to install?

Download and install app
Copy the folder OBB Internal / Android folder / OBB
Done and Enjoy the game!

Screen Shots:-

Q03uQrY OjU1p22

Download & Links 

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 Stock APK / Mirror (24 MB)

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0  Mod APK / Mirror (25 MB)

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 OBB / Mirror (577 MB)

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 MOD APK Download Free [Latest]

Real Football 2013

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 MOD APK Download Free [Latest]

The newest edition of the free football simulation is back to score another win for the franchise with a whole new set of moves.
Take part in the most immersive free football simulation and show that you are the best on the pitch. Reinforce your team of champions by developing your club’s facilities, hiring new staff members, dealing with sponsors and more.
Join world football champions like our cover athlete, Falcao, on the pitch. YOU ARE FOOTBALL, YOU ARE REAL FOOTBALL!

Take control of your team on the field during league games or cup games. Starting with a rookie team, you’ll need to improve your players’ abilities to reach the top league and compete against the best teams in the world for the championship and the cup.

For the first time in Real Football games, see names and portraits of over 3,000 top Euro and international champions thanks to the official FIFPro licence. Updates for the application will keep your game up to date with the most recent player transfers and roster changes.

The best teams in the world have the most modern facilities. It’s time to be a good fantasy manager. Get your players in shape by developing your training grounds to increase your players’ physical, technical and tactical skills as a real manager. Earn more money and attract fans by expanding your stadium, filling it with shops and signing big-name sponsors.

Smooth and realistic graphics make every player come to life on your screen during games. Witness over 700 motion-capture animations as you take on an improved AI for a TV-like experience of games with spectacular effects and cutscenes. It’s just like watching real sports!

RF13 is a free simulation sports game in which you’ll be able to win a league or cup championship, play with world champions, be a manager of a fantasy team, and more. We’re bringing you a real, free fantasy simulation and a comprehensive manager game, all in one soccer package.

Whether you like soccer simulations, fantasy manager games or you’re simply a fan of the sport, this free game is for you.

Screen Shots:-

rf4 rf3 rf2

Download & Links 

For Android 5.0+

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 MOD APK / Mirror (21 MB)

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 OBB / Mirror (860 MB)

For Android 2.3+

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 MOD APK / Mirror (21 MB)

Real Football 2013 v1.6.8 OBB / Mirror (860 MB)

Rhonna Designs 1.8.5 Full APK is Here! [LATEST]

Rhonna Designs 1.8.5

Rhonna Designs 1.8.5 Full APK is Here! [LATEST]

Love to add personality to your photo edits? With Rhonna Designs App, you’ve got all the tools right at your fingertips to uplift and inspire!

App Description: Designed with your creativity in mind to add your own personality to your photos. Can be printed out up to 4×4 with great resolution! Perfect to creatively edit your photos with artist, Rhonna Farrer’s exclusive frames, masks, designs, fonts & filters right on your iPhone.

**for higher-resolution photo editing on your laptop or PC, the same design kits and fonts can be purchased at
**Also comes with exclusive backgrounds to create inspirational word art, memes, poems or notes!

Features: Adjust transparency, color, shadows, outlines, size & angles as you create with the text & design features. Add masks to any photo using the various shaped designs; even has the feature of allowing you to add multiple designs/fonts to the mask!

See what people are saying:
“I’m so happy to finally have an app that does it all when it comes to iPhone photo editing! No more switching back and forth between different apps that apply one or two elements to my favorite photos. Rhonna Designs has neatly included everything you need for your editing needs, right in this one amazing app! Best money I’ve ever spent.”- Shelley Smith

“This was app was incredibly easy to use and so creative. I felt like I was an artist when I was using Rhonna’s app with my simple pictures turning them into fun masterpieces!”
-Jamie Soucy

” I LOVE Rhonna Farrer’s sweet new app because it is like having a little studio in my pocket! Life can get so busy sometimes and I like the fact that I can have a little creative time anytime I want by snapping a picture with my iPhone and then using Rhonna wonderful app. to be as whimsical as I want where ever I am! The fonts, applications & darling quotes are simply amazing!”- Susan Weckesser

“Love this app! I love that I can crop my photo, add layers upon layers of adorable designs and easily change them up without having to start over! There are so many options within the app, it is my #1 go to app!”- Nancy Wyatt

“From the moment I started using the Rh Onna designs app I was over the moon! It provides an innovative experience to creating beautiful and unique photos using her most inspiring quotes and sought after designs. It’s ease of use has hands down made it my favorite app! Rhonna Designs you definitely knocked this one out of the ballpark!” – Holly Pitcher

Screen Shots:-

unnamed (5)

Download Links

Rhonna Designs | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2  | Mirror 3

Ampere Pro 1.55.6 APK Download Free [LATEST]

Ampere Pro 1.55.6

Ampere Pro 1.55.6 APK Download Free [LATEST]

Ever before actually we feel, that a person charger / USB wire fees set your device really fast, and the other not? Now, you can check this with Ampere. Measure the request and also the current release of the battery. The application runs on Android 4.0.3+ tools. Not every device is supported because there are devices that do not have adequate chip dimension (or interface) and who can not be assisted at all. Please see the list of compatible phones not the end of the description.

The application is not intended to be accurate mA. It is only good for review the combination charger cable / USB is working best for you in the exact same device. Start the application and wait ca. 10 seconds (“calibrating” is on the monitor). Then time certainly will be released the loading or unloading of today.

Pro Features

Alerts on the device
Alerts Android Wear
The current depends on many things

The battery charger (USB / AC / Wireless)
The USB cable
The type of phone
Current tasks running
Present brightness
State WiFi
State GPS
Please do not use the readings in this application as concrete science. However, the readings are good enough to measure relatively how various chargers and USB cables just in the same device.

Unfortunately, some Samsung devices do not give correct values (measures) (eg S5), just the maximum load current with setting actual cable / USB charger. This is a firmware problem.

Background Information

The application measures the charge / discharge of the battery. If your phone is not connected to a charger, the discharge current is negative. If a charger is connected then the current so the charger provided will be used to supply the telephone and the remaining energy will be charged in the battery.

If your phone consumes 300 mA without connected charger (-300mA on the screen), then a 500 mA charger charge your battery maximum 200 mA (200 mA on the screen).

Technical information

The current shown is an average value of 50 measurements least the top 10 values and the 10 lowest values. The current shown may be unstable or unstable, or even zero, which means that the Android system provides such unstable values. Each company uses different types of batteries and other equipment so it is difficult to get accurate results on its charger.

Phones / ROMS informed that you are not working with this application

Galaxy Grand Prime – fortuna3gdtv
Galaxy Note 2 – t03g, t03gchn, t03gchnduos, t03gcmcc, t03gctc, t03gcuduos
Galaxy S3 – d2att, d2spr, d2vmu
TAB4 Galaxy 7.0 – degas3g
HTC Desire 510 – htc_a11ul8x26
HTC One S (Ville), X (endeavour), XL (Evita)
HTC Sensation 4G – Pyramid
NOTE: If the measured value is always 0, try using the “old method of measurement” and / or the settings of “interface as” options (if available).

LiPo batteries do not extract the maximum for the entire time it takes to charge the phone. If the battery is almost fully charged, then the charging current will be much less as low battery levels.



New: Warning tone selector added
New: Max. This detection USB feasible added
New: System Information (Touch 6 times the version Build Settings / About Ampere)
System conversion temperature level remedied
Corrections insects

How to install?
Download Apk (link below).
On your Android device, go to Settings> Security> allow unknown sources.
APK is downloaded to your phone and installs it.
All ready. Enjoy!

Screen Shots:-


Download Links

Ampere Pro | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2  | Mirror 3