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Color Splash Effect Pro v1.6.7 Apk

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Color Splash Effect Pro free

Color Splash Effect Photo Editor converts your photo into a black and white image, whilst still retaining the color information. Paint using the original color or paint the image black and white. Use any of photo effects and filters from tens of various effects and filters or apply borders, frames, overlays or textures. Become quickly a pro, even if you are new to editing photos.

Create a piece of art with the photo editing tools of Color Splash Effect Photo Editor. Cropping made easy for you, crop photos before or after the saving images. With crop photo editor tool and a few taps, your square photo is ready for instagram. Crop photo editor tool supports full resolution images. Use photo editor tools to adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation and much more with Color Splash Effect Photo Editor. You can also download…Shazam Encore v5.3.0 Apk

Color Splash Effect Pro v1.6.7 Apk Features:

Draw and add text to photos
Edit and replace colors of your photography
Undo and redo any number of changes
Vignette filters
High Resolution photographies
37 gorgeous effects and filters
24 frames and borders
18 special overlay light effects and filters
12 textures
28 fonts
Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature (Warmth), and saturation
Share photographes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

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Red Baron: War of Planes v1.8 Apk

Red Baron War of Planes free

Red Baron War of Planes v1.5 Apk….Experience Stunning Graphics of the most beautiful warplane related game you have ever played on your mobile device!
Discover the aviation of Great War! Take down enemy air crafts!
Test yourself by playing over 20 various dramatic missions in 2 game modes – ARCADE and SIMULATOR.
Protect allies, chase down your targets, eliminate all opponents and survive the war.
Pilot 5 DIFFERENT WARPLANES to face various enemies – not only warplanes but also BALOONS and even ZEPPELINS!
– Halberstadt, AGO, Pfalz, Albatros CIII, Fokker Dr.I – fly them to combat in 5 various weather conditions!
Let your actions to create NEW PATHS OF HISTORY!
We’re looking forward for your feedback.
Do not forget to rate and comment our app on Google Play.

What’s New
Internet connection is not required to play game

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Shazam Encore v5.3.0 Apk

Shazam Encore free

Shazam Encore v5.1.3 Apk…is the best way to identify music and TV. In seconds you will know the name of any song, or more about what you are watching – touch to Shazam to start your journey. You can also download…Weather Live v3.7 build 83 Apk

Once you Shazam music, you can easily:

= Preview and buy tracks on Amazon or Google Play
= Sing along to the beat with real time lyrics
= Share your discoveries on any social network
= Watch music videos on YouTube
= Listen to full tracks with Rdio, Spotify or Deezer
= Connect to Rdio to create a playlist of your Shazamed tracks, or add tracks to any Rdio playlist
= See song recommendations from others like you
You can also use Shazam with TV:
= Shazam your favorite TV shows for the cast, soundtracks, and more
= Shazam ads to watch again, share with friends, or get special offers
Want even more?
= Go to to see your entire Shazam history; sign in to Facebook to get started
= Check out News to discover great new videos, updates and more, from artists and TV shows
you have Shazamed; plus see what your friends are Shazaming
= Explore shows you whats trending around the world and zoom in for local chart knowledge
= Book concert tickets for artists you have Shazamed

Use Shazam as much as you like its unlimited.

Lyrics and LyricPlay available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ

What’s New
Dance your socks off with Shazam v5.3.
• Faster News Feed loading
• New genre charts: Dance Italia, Urban UK, UK Bass Chart, plus even more charts for countries
• A friendly reminder of your last Shazam sent right to your phone

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AccuWeather Platinum v3.4.1.6.paid Apk

AccuWeather Platinum free

AccuWeather Platinum v3.4.1.6.paid Apk….and Stay connected to the latest weather conditions with AccuWeather. Now supporting Android Wear, this free app features the new AccuWeather MinuteCast, the leading minute-by-minute precipitation forecast, hyper-localized to your exact street address. AccuWeather offers the same Superior Accuracy and great experience across all Android smartphones and tablets, and Android Wear. You can also download….Make Your Clock Widget Pro v1.3.6 Apk

Weatherproof your day for free with these Features:

– AccuWeather MinuteCast minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours hyper-localized to your exact street address or GPS location. Includes precipitation type and intensity, and start and end times for precipitation. Available for the contiguous United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, and a growing list of global locations.
– MinuteCast widget now available. Also available, homescreen widget displaying two-day forecasts with severe weather warnings for your GPS location and a time clock. Resizable, multi-location widgets also available with even more weather detail.
– For worldwide locations, when AccuWeather forecasts snow, ice, rain, wind, or the probability of thunderstorms, you will see an orange exclamation point displayed within the locations current and 15-day screens.
– Push notifications for severe weather alerts in the United States.
– Radar for all of North America and Europe, and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps with a snapshot view of the maps for your saved locations.
– Current news and weather videos, with many available in both English and Spanish.
– Social media sharing so you can share your locations current conditions, hourly, or 15-day forecasts using the social media apps you have on your device.

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Smart Launcher Pro 2 v2.12-final Apk

Smart Launcher Pro 2 free

Smart Launcher Pro 2 is the premium version of Smart Launcher, an innovative launcher featuring minimalist design, low resource requirements and a user-friendly interface that allows you to launch any application with a few taps. You can also download….Asteroids Pack v1.3 Apk

Still Minimal But Super Featured

Customizable categories
If 6 categories are not enough for you, you can add as many categories as you want. You can have books, shopping, navigation — or you can create a new category you define yourself.

Popup Widget
You can use popup widgets to show widgets when you need them. Single tap to start an app, double tap to show a widget.

Widget screen
SL Pro 2 provides you a secondary, multiple-screen panel in which you can place widgets.

More gestures
Two-finger gestures give you even more possibilities to customize the way you start apps.

More and faster updates
SL Pro 2 is the first version to be updated and gives full access to every upcoming SL feature.

What’s New
Version 2.12-final:
Just a bugfixes update before the major update expected on March.

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My 3D Fish II v2.3 Apk

My 3D Fish II  free

My 3D Fish II is your new virtual 3D Aquarium, all in realtime in 3D. It’s a live wallpaper.If You like plant aquariums or fish aquariums, then you’ll love this wallpaper too. You can also download…Temple Run: Oz v1.6.3 Apk

Tablets and phones are supported.
+ My 3D Fish II have NEW Fish Engine !
+ Many full 3D fish simulation in one time !
+ New light engine, caustic shines, plankton
+ Accelerometr sensor to dynamic camera move
+ New plants and predefined themes
By clicking on the fish head, fish will turn to you and swim
Aquarium have beautiful backgrounds, plants, fishes, tank decorations.
You may customize many options, and ON/OFF many elements to select the best
options for your phone or tablet.

+ Full 3D fishes simulation: Nemmo White (Clownfish), Nemmo Black (Clownfish),
Dorry (Blue-Yellow Tang), French Angelfish, Majestic Angelfish, Koi Kohaku,
Koi Tancho Sanke

+ Decors: Columns, Vase, Lost Ring, Root, Stone lantern
+ Aquatium bottoms: Sand, Pebbles, Water moss, Sand dunes, Zen sand
+ Plants types: Water grass, Typha plants, Sea anemones, Bamboo,
Coral multi color, Coral blue, Coral, Yellow water grass

+ Water types: Blue-White, Blue, Light cave, Shipweck, Sea rocks

+ To save battery You may off some elements or reduce fish counts, this reduce GPU usage.
+ Attention: This fish have special power – and sometimes may penetrate walls 😉

What’s New
+ Fixed ‘jumping’ texture issues.
+ Fishes swims more naturally.
+ Preparing to next updates

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TA: Little Red Riding Hood v1.0.30 Apk

TA Little Red Riding Hood free

TA Little Red Riding Hood is a Totally Amazing Twisted Adventure! By Panda Zone Games  Step into a bizarre fairytale world and set out on a Little Red Riding Hood adventure that only Panda Zone can bring to life.Hop from one dangerous island to the next by jumping at just the right moment. You need not worry. There are markers that lead the way to a successful jump. Be sure to grab all of the red apples and bonuses you can on your epic and twisted adventures.The rich graphics, amazing game play, cool audio and visual effects, and superb backgrounds adds a depth to TALRRH not often seen in mobile video games of this type. You can also download….Garou Mark of the Wolves v1.0 Apk

TA Little Red Riding Hood Features:

– Fantastic gaming
– Sweet jumping action
– Superior graphics and actions
– Excellent game effects that will amaze you
– Mesmerising game set in a twisted fairytale world
– Awesome backgrounds that will draw you in and blow your mind
– Very easy to understand and extremely engaging casual adventure game

What’s New
Last time we uploaded a free version instead of full version by mistake. Is fixed in this build.

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Almightree: The Last Dreamer v1.3 Apk

Almightree The Last Dreamer free

Almightree: The Last Dreamer v1.3 Apk and the world is shattering and you are the only hope to restore the balance. A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformer game. Find your way to awaken the Almightree while racing with calamity. You can also download…..EA SPORTS UFC v1.0.725758 Apk

Thrilling 3D puzzle platformer experience
– Discover the stunning world of the Almightree
– Conquer 100+ puzzles across 20 vast stages
– Over 6 unique puzzle features to overcome
– 40+ challenges to be completed
– Unlock 10+ mysterious illustrations about the hero
– Compelling cutscenes to narrate the story of Almightree
– Adjustable difficulty for personal gaming experience
– Compete score and earn achievements in Google Play game services
– Cloud save support through Google Play game services

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Asteroids Pack v1.3 Apk

Asteroids Pack free

Asteroids Pack v1.3 Apk and in space there is no empty areas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling through space, they will encounter many types of Asteroids. Part of them will serve as a source of rare minerals not available on the planet earth. Some of asteroids can carry an alien form of life such as bacteria. You can also download….Color Effect Photo Editor Pro v1.5.3 Apk

Check how the asteroid belt might look like and what minerals can be extracted. This live wallpaper includes many types of 3D asteroids. It has a dynamic camera that will take you between asteroids. Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. You can select and set the appropriate background nebula.You can also set the appropriate light in the space and the aura that surrounds the asteroid. All of these elements compose a single whole.

Wallpaper is drawn in real time.

What’s New
+ NEW Background : Spacetime rift
+ Accelerate camera move (default on)
+ Fixed ‘jumping’ taxture issues.
Thanks for help!

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