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Deemo v1.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Cash) Download Android

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Deemo v1.2.1 MOD APK

Deemo v1.2.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Cash] Download Android

Rayark brings you Deemo, a mix of music, the rhythm of the game and the story of urban fantasy , with hand-drawn art , storytelling and gallery true feedback of instrumental sound of the piano key .

Deemo mystic character is living in isolation , and the castle , and all by himself . A young girl falling from the sky , do not know who she is, where it comes from . To help the child to her world , Deemo comes to growth tall tree keeps on top of the piano whenever he plays . What do you do when it gets Deemo comfortable with companionship that he was not before? What if a little girl can not handle the truth when it lost memories apparently recovered ? !

” Never left without saying goodbye .”


  • Unlock more tracks when the game progresses
  • 33 Songs in various genres of music and 99 variations, many of which are of famous composers
  • Simple and intuitive gameplay
  • Real piano reactions useful
  • Search for clues , in the loft and library.
  • Twitter and Facebook sharing function grade
  • The free version is limited progress the story, and the opening of the full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.

Screen Shots:-


Download Links:-
Tusfiles | Rapidgator | Turbobit | Unlimitzone

Stick Tennis (Everything Unblocked & Unlimited Balls) Download

Stick Tennis

Stick Tennis (Everything Unblocked & Unlimited Balls) Download

With just a simple criticism fingered one you soon thumping winners crosscourt, but in essence stick tennis physics engine is very sophisticated that reward tactical play.


  • Take on the greats of all time in World domination
  • Directing your favorite player’s success in the slam
  • Win prizes in the daily challenge
  • Secure bragging rights to challenge your friends
  • Improve the game in the club’s casual groups TENNIS
  • Playing surfaces TEN Court realistic from all over the world
  • Choose from more than seventy players

Version: 1.6.7
Requires Android: 2.2 and higher
Instructions: Simply install the APK and play

Google Play: Stick Tennis
Download Link:- Zippyshare

Traffic Racer v1.7 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Traffic Racer v1.7 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Traffic Racer v1.7 (Unlimited Money) Download For Android

Name game: Traffic Racer v1.7
Version: 1.7
Root is required😕 NO


  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Dealing with the car smooth and realistic
  • 17 different cars to choose from
  • 4 detailed environments: the suburb, and the desert, and a snowy night city
  • 4 game modes: Endless, two-way, time trial and ride free
  • Rich types of traffic, including the Parliament of trucks, buses and SUVs
  • Basic customization through the paint and wheels
  • Online leaderboards and achievements

Name of Cheat:
Unlimited money

Step Guide:

  • Cancel the market / previous version
  • Install APK chick
  • Enjoy Th_heh

Credit for : Th_questionmark

Playstore Link
Download Link (APK): MediaFire

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files Download Free

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files Download Free

What’s new : V 1.0.2
Now supports the Android operating system 4.4

Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcend time and place.
Series first appeared in arcades in 1998 . By the following year, it has been ported to home video game consoles . Now the highly acclaimed “soulcalibur and” series is available on Google Play. Enjoy memorable characters and non-stop action that soulcalibur and famous passages with full fidelity in the comfort of your home!

Game Features :-

  • Table 19 character!
  • All faithfully recreated the character moves !
  • A new virtual game pad that has been tuned specifically for fighting games .
  • Button layout is exactly as you remember it!

Requires Android : 2.3.3 and higher
Version: 1.0.2
Source : Apk Games
Play Link: Soulcalibur 1.0.2

Download Links :
Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files

Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files PART1
Soulcalibur 1.0.2 APK + Data Files PART2

Install APK, Put the data folder in SD Card / Android / OBB / and operation.

Ice Age Village MOD APK 2.2.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

Ice Age Village MOD APK 2.2.0

Ice Age Village MOD APK 2.2.0 (Unlimited Money) Download

What’s New V 2.2.0
The new master of the mini-game available on the level of 30 : Oh no, I fell in rolling his dino eggs ! Swim down and avoid the dangers that lie beneath the reunion Muawiya and his precious eggs !
Make room on the holiday table for 9 new animal friends , including holiday Iguanodon, Rapto Claus, and more.
Get warm in winter habitat own that is covered in snow.
We have some house cleaning and install the user interface brand new to make things more lively and easy to use!
Minor bug fix ( fix lint is also a tree ) .

Requires Android : 2.0 and higher
Version: 2.2.0
Play Link :- Ice Age Village MOD APK

Download Links :

Install the APK, the data folder in place SD Card / Android / data / and operation.

RealPlayer Cloud Final Download Full Version + Activator

RealPlayer Cloud Final

RealPlayer Cloud Final Download Full Version + Activator

RealPlayer is the first product that integrates revolutionary new Harmony technology Real Madrid . Program RealPlayer enables consumers to buy and download music that plays on more than 100 portable devices , including the Apple iPod . RealPlayer is the only digital media player you need for finding and downloading new music , playing and managing audio and video clips , and taking your digital entertainment with you . Program RealPlayer offers a streamlined interface that allows you to keep your media library and your close at hand . Keep all your digital media clips organized in one place ; save CD tracks with one click; pause and rewind live streams , transfer music to CDs and portable devices effortlessly and enjoy clear , smooth video playback and multichannel , support surround sound . Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in- one digital media player that lets you find anything and everything you do. The popularity of this player Streaming Media offers improved video controls and access to 3200 radio station .

RealPlayer also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. With RealPlayer you get to improve the equalizer and media services fee , including radio tuner and an artist and music guide . At the same time , the news service can carry 5 offer you daily sports updates . Search video contextual find interviews with your favorite artists . The RealPlayer music store lets you buy music files . Finally, you can use the software to transfer files to CDs and portable devices

Download online videos from thousands of sites on the Internet
RealPlayer SP ® program lets you download online video from thousands of sites – for free ! In addition, one-click video downloading means more time spent watching and less time feeling technologically challenged .

Video Converter
Program RealPlayer SP has a built- in free video and media converter , so now you can copy and transfer your favorite video clips over the Internet and personal to your iTunes library , cell phone , iPod , BlackBerry , Xbox or PS3 with ease.

Video share on Facebook and Twitter and e-mail for free
Program RealPlayer SP helps build a social network and video library . Free video sharing has never been this easy or versatile. With RealPlayer is simply you download your video – then you’ve got the option of emailing , posting it on facebook your profile , or add a load on your Tweet on Twitter. Customize your message, and you’re good to go.

Burn video files to DVD
RealPlayer software makes it easy to burn DVD . When it comes to DVD burning software , you want something fast and easy to use and can burn DVDs and audio- visual . RealPlayer program does all that – and more.


Video Features:
Universal player .
Play every kind and the mainstream media , including Flash, Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Media, DVDs and CDs.
Video quality is high.
Enjoyment of HD and near DVD-quality video and audio with a broadband connection .
Works with iTunes .
Transfer video clips from your favorite thousands of Web sites to your iTunes library .
LivePause perfect play .
Pause, rewind and fast-forward through the audio or video clips to live in while they play . Create your own instant replays .
Built-in media browser .
Built-in browser and media allows you to surf the Internet while you’re playing video clips or listening to music .

Audio features :

Advanced CD burning.
Rip , mix and burn CDs and MP3 files quickly . Normalize the volume of cross- ROM drive , and create crossfades and remove gaps between tracks .
Advanced audio.
Control with a 10-band equalizer . You can even convert vinyl , and tape , and voice into digital files .
10-band graphic EQ.
Improve the sound exactly the way you want with the 10-band graphic equalizer . Adjust your EQ for room size , and type of inputs , and more.
and crossfade between songs and add frequency to give your mixes a professional edge .
Multiple audio formats.
Supports audio CD , MP3, WMA, AAC, and RealAudio Lossless , and many others.
Surround Sound.
Program RealPlayer supports 5 -channel audio and a dedicated channel sub-woofer .
Coordination and RealAudio Lossless.
We have a new version that allows you to burn high-quality CDs using only half the disk space of the standard audio CD format .
Make your music look as cool as it seems with many colorful, animations that move to the music.

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Language : ML
Medicine: Activated
Size: 47.89 MB .

Download Links :
RealPlayer Cloud Download

StartIsBackPlus For Windows 8.1 v1.5.1 Download Final Cracked

StartIsBackPlus for Windows 8.1 v1.5.1 Final

StartIsBackPlus For Windows 8.1 v1.5.1 Download Final Cracked

StartIsBackPlus for Windows 8.1 v1.5.1 final cracked / free download – StartIsBack is a small application that gives you the ability to set the Start button and the classic Start menu to Windows 8 . And packs some configuration settings that can be handled by users at any level of experience.

Unlike other similar applications , which returns the old Start menu and button , side menu of StartIsBack transparent and highlights of each new program in the list.

When it comes to function , StartIsBack incorporates some useful features . For example , if you are looking for a new computer , and it shows immediately in the results (if previously indexed by Windows ) .

As mentioned before , StartIsBack comes with many configuration settings , these items concern the Start menu and behavior ( such as displaying computer as a link , hide your default programs and devices and printers ) , appearance (eg disable transparency taskbar , hide the Start button ) and transformation rules ( such as show desktop when you log on to the computer , and switch to the application used , when clicking on the start screen ) .

Back other options for items uncluttering in the splash screen ( by renaming the start screen for ” applications ” and by keeping only the modern applications on this site ) , and advanced system menu commands ( combining context menu Start button with one from the start screen ) and Windows disk ( such as storage and presentation of programs that have been opened recently ) . Moreover , you can disable StartIsBack for the current user .

StartIsBack not put a strain on your computer’s performance in general , as it uses a very small amount of CPU and system memory . It is very responsive to key strokes and mouse commands . We did not encounter any problems during our tests ; StartIsBack did not hang , crash or display error dialog boxes . Thanks to its features intuitive yet rich , must be applied to satisfy users of all skill levels.


  • New unique ” display everything at once ” function that will love instantly – just hold the Windows key on your keyboard ( or double clicking the Windows logo on the tablet ) and the arrival charm , look , your applications in the desktop interfaces and modern at the same time , in any application you are using .
  • You do not have to run your mouse cursor to the corners of the screen or the implementation swipes awkward anymore!
  • Easier and wider configuration start list
  • Full integration with Windows 8.1 start button
  • Get shortcuts to modern applications on the desktop
  • Cancel modern applications from the Start menu
  • Improve support for multiple monitors

Install Notes :
1- to install the application
2- Read the instructions carefully.
3- enjoy this version !

Download Links :-
StartIsBackPlus For Windows 8.1 v1.5.1

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1.1 Download Full + Key

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1.1

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1.1 Download Full + Key

As an alternative section magic , MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition is a program division of magic optimized for business environment with advanced features such as the integration of the partition , convert dynamic disk to basic disk and resize the block. Can business users and system administrators can use our Director of magic to change the size of the partition , partition transfer , merge partition, the expansion of the division, the division split , change cluster size , copy partition , copy disk , create, and delete sections of coordination , and explore the conversion sections , hide and show sections , converting dynamic disk to basic disk and so much more . Our software magic section supports Windows 2000, XP , Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 . And MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition can be used in a business environment .


  • Convert NTFS to FAT. New! Change the font . New! Convert MBR disk to disk GPT. New! Convert MBR disk to GPT disk . New! Copy dynamic disk size . New! Copies boot disk UEFI.
  • Transform the pattern of GPT Dynamic Disk to Basic. Transfer shoe size / system for dynamic disk . Full support UEFI boot . Extend a partition with a single step. Split into two parts , one portion safely. Hard disk -based 4096-byte sector support fully . Align all sections or the alignment of the selected partition to improve the performance of the hard drive.
  • Resize / Move Partition : Easily resize / move the partition without data loss . Create and coordinate , to delete a partition . Department of format conversion from FAT to NTFS. Hide and show sections , set the partition, the drive letter label active. Merge partition. Hot expand the partition without restarting your computer . Change cluster size without loss of data. Support for Linux ext2 and ext3 and EXT4.
  • Full support for Windows dynamic disk size . Department of copies : Copy entire partition to unallocated space with a file -by- file high performance . Technology transfer . Backup or transfer data without any data loss . Partition Recovery : Scan disk to restore deleted or damaged sections .
  • Copies of your hard disk: copy the entire disk to diskquickly different and easily with data clone technology . Data backup disk without data loss . Support for Windows 32/64 bit operating systems . Show visually configure disk / partition to preview the changes before applying. Support RAID.
  • Support and drive one or partitions larger than 2 terabytes support up to 32 hard disks within a single system. Set partition as primary . Set partition as logical . Rebuild MBR.
  • Convert dynamic disk to basic disk . Test the surface of the disk. Partition test surface . Change the partition serial number . Change the partition type of identity .

Download Links:-
MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition 8.1.1